Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Athaletics Day

Would you like to be in the best house colour for Athletics? While when you hear my best house colour you will probably wanna join in the Hokule’a group. Go Hokule’a go Hokule’a go.

Well Last Friday the 13th of November 2015 we had Athletics. I woke up the sun was rising up into the sky. I zoomed to my draw pulled my uniform out and went to have a shower. After my shower I went to get some money to buy me a good lunch and a nice refreshing drink.

When I had got to school I was filled with Excitement but I was also filled with nervous. I had realized it is as long as you try and have fun. If we try and have fun it will make you feel good. I tried and had fun I done really well in the first even.

Did you know we have to get points so our house colours can win. We have to earn points by coming 1st 2nd or 3rd. I bet Hokule'a got most of the points because they have the fast, sporty and some slow people.

I wonder what house colour came 1st. If I was you I would go in the hokule'a
house colour. I thought it was fun I felt Happy.  

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Egg Friend Race

Wow have you ever had an egg race with your class.
Well on Wednesday the 21st of october 2015 at Pt England school had an  cool and funny activity and it was the egg race.
I was thinking in my head Isn't that a weird thing to do because we have never done an egg race during school time. But I also thought Yay we don’t have to do work.  

Our teacher went into the quiet room to grab a tray of eggs,  We all said” eggs huh” Mr Bax said we will be having a little friend . But It was an ordinary egg that we actually just draw on , When we finished we walked down to the Pt England Park to have the egg race.

Mr Baxendine said be careful because if we make our friends crack we don’t get another friend. We treated it like it was our baby. Simon’s friend was the first one to crack because of another person. Simon got another one because he wasn’t the one who cracked his friend egg.

When we arrived to the park we sat down along the wood.
So Mr bax could give Instructions so we know what we do.
When he had finished giving us the Instructions he had given out some spoons. The kids in our classroom were saying Me Me Me!.
But when dome of the people were doing the race Mr Bax had taken a photo of us and our egg friend.

When we doing the race People were rushing and they cracked their egg.
I was kinda rushing but I was taking good care of my egg friend. But Anna was currently taking care of her egg friend. I had came second in the egg race.

When we had finished the egg race we had a little play on the park but we saw our real friend Anna sad because her friends died so we went to her
egg’s friends funeral she had buried it in the bark at the Little Playground
In the corner.

We had fun but a lot of egg friends had died - cracked.    

Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Holiday Highlight

Wow can you believe that it has already been 3 terms gosh Well I sure can’t believe it .
as soon as the 12:30 bell had gone I was filled with excitement to have a good and the best holiday and a cool one. The last assembly in the afternoon had finished I could not wait to have a great holiday will you like to hear a little about it???

As soon as I got home I relaxed and said we have a big day tomorrow cause it is the first day of the holiday. Me and my sister Roseanne went to Panmure basin for a 3K run. At first I thought I could do it.

When we got there we only ran 2 and a half kilometers. I only got a little tired but I wanted to stop but my sister Roseanne said  “if you stop I will leave you here and you will have to find your own way home.”
So I tried so hard to keep up with her. When it was nearly at the end I was gonna stop but there was a big hill to go up then down.

As soon I went down hill I was almost about to stop.
But then my sister had sprint to the end and I cathed up
but she said we will be running home to. I said  “ WHAT”.
So we ran home.

I was Exhausted but  we had got home and me and my sister had went to sleep I was so happy that I had succeed my mission to run 3K and get home.     


Friday, 18 September 2015

Smart footprint

Greetings and welcome to my blog my name is Stacey and I am a year 5 student at pt england school my teachers are Mr Bax and Mrs Jacobson

but on fridays we have a teacher called Mrs Mackinlay I am in room 9 and I play sports my favorite sport was Netball and I really like the teachers at pt england I have a sister who also comes to pt england she is year 8 I hope you enjoy my blog.

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

The bull chase

We have been trying to make juicy and good paragraph do you think this is juicy and good.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The plane crash.

In our class we have been writing a fake story and thinking what if we were in there and this is my story. Hope You Enjoy.

Have you ever saw a plane come out of no where and destroy your home?
Well I have seen a plane come out of no where I will tell you all about it.

While I was going down to town and suddenly loudly came a plane and a lot of people screaming and running. They were warning people to run. before they get CRASHED.Then I started running towards the trees and I felt safe.

When I was standing there I saw all the other people risking their life and
I had thought I should go and help them so I started pulling one by one.
When I pulled one of the people they were madly and he  just wanted to die.
I was trying to politely trying to tell them to help all the other people. Only
one person disagreed so I said you're in or you're out. Then he just followed through.

We all done our best but we lost quite a lot of people but we will remember them
THE END.        

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

About the trees

We have been learning about the trees and we are deciding if we should cut trees and we found our answer it is a no we should only cut some trees at this was our movie that me and my partners made.
Hope you enjoy thanx for watching.

Friday, 24 July 2015

My holiday Recount

These are some of the stuff I have done in the holiday.

Guess what? during the holidays I went to lots of wonderful places would you like to hear about it?

On the first week of the holiday I went to Rainbow End. The very first ride was the Fair fore and I saw a Green bumper boat. as we were going up the ride I was really nervous and I said 1,2,3, and then I also said it didn’t go down and then it did then my cousin started yelling. While she was yelling I was laughing.  

At Rainbow End there are also lots of other rides. All of the other rides are really fun.
Most of the rides are big but some are a bit tiny. There was also a girl who was selfish and didn’t want to hop of the bumper cars. But the lady that was in charge told her to hop off please then she got out  and walked out.

When me and my cousin went to the cafe we saw a greedy boy eating lots of food.
We thought that the boy  must be starving. So we got our order and then we finished we saw the gready boy again and he went to the cafe again then we walked past and went to another ride.

As we went to look for the ride we want to go on we saw a little baby lost. We took the baby to the main center and they made a call out and the baby mum came and keep on saying thank you and then we went to the Power suit and it felt like I was going to fall out.
But when we left I was exhausted and I had lots of fun and it was Joyful.
The most ride I liked and enjoyed was the Power Suit because it is funny and it kind of scary. Next time I hope they can make the rides more sary. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My game animation

Are you bored of having a boring wet lunch time?
Well Ghost vs Human is a game that will help.           

We have been learning how to create a game of our own. I have been practising on Hyperstudio and this is my game animation. I would like to become a person who invents games so this was great task for me.

The game I really want to invent is Ghost vs Human. It is about a the ghost who takes
Josey’s sister away and Josey chases the ghost to get her sister back.

Josey follows the ghost through a park. When you push the space button she jumps over the blocks in her way. The ghost in front of her is trying to collect the coins so
he can get more power. Josey is ready and kicks him from behind with the control A button. The Ghost loses a life and Josey gets the coin. The ghost then he has only half of his power.

Thunder and lightning strikes! As the ghost goes over the crossing a car comes and runs him over. He also gets struck by lighting. So he has no lives left and Josey has won.

Her sister is returned to her and they live happily ever after.  

I’ve hoped you have had fun hearing about my game. Please leave a comment. Thanks!!



Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hot Cute Kitten

We have been making up a story. My story is about a kitten that caught a 50 pound fish.

Title: My Hot Cute Kitten catches a 50 pound Fish

 In the Holidays I went for an adventure to an island called Hawaii.
 I took a hot cute kitten with me to Hawaii Island.  When we were going for a swim
 my hot cute kitten went out far to the sea. On the way she saw a 50 pound Fish. Then
 my hot cute kitten got hungry. She thought she could catch that 50 pound fish and eat it all
 to her self. Then the Hawaii people thought that my hot cute kitten was drowning while
 she was trying to catch the 50 pound fish. They came on a boat but they realized that
 she was trying to catch the 50 pound fish. They said” That Kitten is stupid she could not be able
 to catch that 50 pound fish”. When the kitten actually caught it they thought that the my hot cute
 kitten is a champion but my hot cute kitten actually let it go. The people then had a gold medal made for my kitten and gave her lots of food.
After this nice holiday we went back to New Zealand and lived Happily ever after.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Create a word Problem

In Mrs Jacobson class we have been solving Strategies.
We had to have a partner to show her best way and my
partners name is Samoa she is in the same Maths class as me.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Man in space

We have been writing a fake story about a man in space. This is my fake story.

A spaceman walks out into icy milkyway. This astronaut is a man from Russia. He is going to be the 13th brave man to walk on the moon. His mission is to collect special rocks to show people like us in New Zealand.On the way to the moon Eugene saw a plane flying in the sky. It looked small but it also looked like it was going slow because the Rocket was going fast.

2.  He saw The rocks but they were floating around. So he jumps out of the rocket and tried to collect it. But he could not. Then the Alien came out behind the Rocket well Eugine was
calling his boss that “he could not get it the special Rocks then his boss said try harder”.
Then the alien came out from behind the Rocket and took the Rocks.   

3. When the Alien took the special Rocks he cried and cried cause he thought he could
not complete his mission.  Then he saw the alien and stopped crying and thought he had an
idea he followed the alien into the alien ship then he looked in all the bags and he found
the special Rocks and then the alien was coming and he ran out jumped in his Rocket
and went to earth and when he got back to the station and his boss said you have complete
your mission then he got a gold metal.

The End

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Juicy Sentences

We have been learning how to write creative sentences. We had Mrs Garden she said our sentences had to be good and juicy.

1.Did you know that an astronaut, from Russia went into space to be the 13th brave man to walk on the moon? So he can collect special rocks to show people like us in New Zealand.

2. Mrs Jacobson is a very nice and funny teacher, she also teaches year 4 and 5 kids.

3.Mr Barks is very funny and tall but at times he is serious he helps us learn more about technology.

4. Mr Jacobson is an A.S Principal,  He is also a coach he coached the Patriots.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Time Tables Results

In maths we have been doing 6,7,8 time tables and this is what I have done Here are the work I have done

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Skateboard Destine

We have done a Skateboard destine what we want our skateboard to look like.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Nepal Earthquake News

This is Sad news Because Nepal has had a Earthquake And I have been writing about it.

This is Breaking news all about a really terrible earthquake in nepal.  

That earthquake was bad it killed more than 8,000 people that lived there. And injured 16,000 people.
It is also known as Gorkha Earthquake.

The date was  April the 25th and the time was 11:56:26
and that was also Anzac day.
There was another one on may the 13th of may.

The news is important because the people around the world want to know about the world. Cause the 2 pieces slip.
 The news affect people because they might have family that live there and they might think they died but some people are trying to make them think about that.   

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Game Review

Were been reviewing games and this is the game I will be Reviewing.

Game Review by the famous

Run 2

you score by jumping over these black boxes if you go thru you start over again and if you keep going thru you won’t get to the next level.

Difficulty: 5/10

Fun: 10/10

    The game I am talking about is Run 2 it is a really fun game to play it you will
    have to jump and that button to jump is space and go to the sides to doge
    the blackness if you fall thru you start the level over again. to win I don’t think  

    you do. you just get a high score.     

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Holiday Writing

Here is my writing and I am telling what one thing that I have done in the holiday.

I am going to tell you what I did during the school holidays. We went to mangere pools. I went with my friends Paige, Sheales, Aliah and Paige's mum.  

I was about to go to the library but my niece walked out and she saw paige. Then she called me and I was so excited I  ran really fast then I almost tripped. And we went to Paige house and put our bags in the car. Paige asked her mum” If we can go pick Sheales up.” Paige mum Hannah said” run fast.”  So we ran to her house. We were calling her and calling her then her mum came out and said she was doing her hair then we said hurry up we already ran and left her. But she catched up.

We went  to paige's Nans house and waited there for a while. Then we went to Mangere pools. The outdoors were closed because it is atum. So we went indoors.
We had races, tigy and we did tricks. Then Paige cousin saw her family and went for a feed so me, Paige and Sheales was OTL. So we got really hungry we went outside and ate.

Then we went to go pick up Paige dad and went to Paige house and had a sleepover and we went on mine craft the next day and waited for Paige mum to come back from her walk. When she got back we went to gleninnes
pools. After that we went McDonald's and then we got
dropped off. 


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Learning how to upload a video on to my drive

With Mrs Jacobsen and Mr Baxendine I have been learning how to upload a video to my drive with an ipad. We then learned how to put it on our blog.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Best Birthday ever

Here is my Recount writing.

My Best birthday was when I was 7 I went to Rainbows with My sisters and aunty.
That was the first time I been there. The first ride i went on was the Inventor.
My sister Mary was to scared she thought that it might break down and were on the top
And i said  I doubt that will happen. When I Had my confidence but when it was about to start I lost it but i still stayed on the ride. I really liked it.

The second ride I went on was the Fear Fore that was really scary
I wasn’t sure if  i wanted to but when my sister Breanna said she
was going on that ride then I went on. I thought I could see my
car but it wasn’t it just looked like my car. When i went on I was panicking
I did not know when we will drop. We dropped and I got scared I
know that we will drop soon.

I felt so happy  and my favorite ride was the Invator.


Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine writing

S is for Special
H is for Hearty
E is for Exelint
A is for Amazing
L is for Love
E Exiting
S is for Sweet

P is for Peaceful
A is for Amazing
I is for impressive
G is for Good
E is for Exiting

My friends you mean a lot to me you make me happy I love you as friends.

Stacey you are so nice and beautiful I really like you.