Thursday, 18 June 2015

Man in space

We have been writing a fake story about a man in space. This is my fake story.

A spaceman walks out into icy milkyway. This astronaut is a man from Russia. He is going to be the 13th brave man to walk on the moon. His mission is to collect special rocks to show people like us in New Zealand.On the way to the moon Eugene saw a plane flying in the sky. It looked small but it also looked like it was going slow because the Rocket was going fast.

2.  He saw The rocks but they were floating around. So he jumps out of the rocket and tried to collect it. But he could not. Then the Alien came out behind the Rocket well Eugine was
calling his boss that “he could not get it the special Rocks then his boss said try harder”.
Then the alien came out from behind the Rocket and took the Rocks.   

3. When the Alien took the special Rocks he cried and cried cause he thought he could
not complete his mission.  Then he saw the alien and stopped crying and thought he had an
idea he followed the alien into the alien ship then he looked in all the bags and he found
the special Rocks and then the alien was coming and he ran out jumped in his Rocket
and went to earth and when he got back to the station and his boss said you have complete
your mission then he got a gold metal.

The End

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