Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hot Cute Kitten

We have been making up a story. My story is about a kitten that caught a 50 pound fish.

Title: My Hot Cute Kitten catches a 50 pound Fish

 In the Holidays I went for an adventure to an island called Hawaii.
 I took a hot cute kitten with me to Hawaii Island.  When we were going for a swim
 my hot cute kitten went out far to the sea. On the way she saw a 50 pound Fish. Then
 my hot cute kitten got hungry. She thought she could catch that 50 pound fish and eat it all
 to her self. Then the Hawaii people thought that my hot cute kitten was drowning while
 she was trying to catch the 50 pound fish. They came on a boat but they realized that
 she was trying to catch the 50 pound fish. They said” That Kitten is stupid she could not be able
 to catch that 50 pound fish”. When the kitten actually caught it they thought that the my hot cute
 kitten is a champion but my hot cute kitten actually let it go. The people then had a gold medal made for my kitten and gave her lots of food.
After this nice holiday we went back to New Zealand and lived Happily ever after.

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