Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Egg Friend Race

Wow have you ever had an egg race with your class.
Well on Wednesday the 21st of october 2015 at Pt England school had an  cool and funny activity and it was the egg race.
I was thinking in my head Isn't that a weird thing to do because we have never done an egg race during school time. But I also thought Yay we don’t have to do work.  

Our teacher went into the quiet room to grab a tray of eggs,  We all said” eggs huh” Mr Bax said we will be having a little friend . But It was an ordinary egg that we actually just draw on , When we finished we walked down to the Pt England Park to have the egg race.

Mr Baxendine said be careful because if we make our friends crack we don’t get another friend. We treated it like it was our baby. Simon’s friend was the first one to crack because of another person. Simon got another one because he wasn’t the one who cracked his friend egg.

When we arrived to the park we sat down along the wood.
So Mr bax could give Instructions so we know what we do.
When he had finished giving us the Instructions he had given out some spoons. The kids in our classroom were saying Me Me Me!.
But when dome of the people were doing the race Mr Bax had taken a photo of us and our egg friend.

When we doing the race People were rushing and they cracked their egg.
I was kinda rushing but I was taking good care of my egg friend. But Anna was currently taking care of her egg friend. I had came second in the egg race.

When we had finished the egg race we had a little play on the park but we saw our real friend Anna sad because her friends died so we went to her
egg’s friends funeral she had buried it in the bark at the Little Playground
In the corner.

We had fun but a lot of egg friends had died - cracked.    

Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Holiday Highlight

Wow can you believe that it has already been 3 terms gosh Well I sure can’t believe it .
as soon as the 12:30 bell had gone I was filled with excitement to have a good and the best holiday and a cool one. The last assembly in the afternoon had finished I could not wait to have a great holiday will you like to hear a little about it???

As soon as I got home I relaxed and said we have a big day tomorrow cause it is the first day of the holiday. Me and my sister Roseanne went to Panmure basin for a 3K run. At first I thought I could do it.

When we got there we only ran 2 and a half kilometers. I only got a little tired but I wanted to stop but my sister Roseanne said  “if you stop I will leave you here and you will have to find your own way home.”
So I tried so hard to keep up with her. When it was nearly at the end I was gonna stop but there was a big hill to go up then down.

As soon I went down hill I was almost about to stop.
But then my sister had sprint to the end and I cathed up
but she said we will be running home to. I said  “ WHAT”.
So we ran home.

I was Exhausted but  we had got home and me and my sister had went to sleep I was so happy that I had succeed my mission to run 3K and get home.