Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to be a polite Pt England student.

Do you know how to be polite  Pt england student?”  This is how pt england school be successful.
I will give you some ideas how to be successful  to others one is use your manners they will like that

I will start now How to be polite is to respect. Respect is like be  kind to other people. Don’t be mean to
others because bad things that you do hurt other people and affect them.It is good to respect
to be nice so they know they can trust you if you do bad they would not trust you.

you could always stop think and do befor you go out and do
something stupid. You stop then you start to think” no i am going
to do something stupid i should not do it.

Another thing how to be polite is to help them look after them
make sure they are okay so they feel safe comfortable around you
then they will like your company. If anyone be mean just say use your W.I.T.S.
A example is if they will not not let you play and you just want to punch them you need to walk away and calm down. Here are what use your W.I.T.S stand for W stands for walk away I stands for ignore it T means talk about it S means seek out.
Walk away means go away from them walk the opposite way.
Ignore means just don’t listen to them don’t look at them don’t sit next to them.
Talk about it is when you are hurt you talk about it to someone it will make you feel better and get over it.

That is what a polite Pt england student will do they will be polite.
Other people will like that see a student be polite to others.

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  1. You've included some great ideas Stacey. I'm glad you said that it's important to think first before you do something especially when you know it's not right. Well done!