Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bok Choy

WALT: Explain What there emotions look like in these Pictures
These Emotions show what they are felling and i have explained as you see!
I hope u enjoy what I have learned and shared with you!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Harry's Letter

Dear Ted
It’s me Harry I am just wondering how you and your family are?
Can you please sort out how we will be able to be getting  home and contact some people.
I really miss all of use.

Love Ted

Team 4 term movie

Have you ever seen your teachers be heros? I have they were so cool that they saved a chromebook!
There name was the Teacher Avengers!

Once upon a time there was a bear called bear Baxendine! The costume he was wearing was a cape, glasses and he was bear! He was a thief he tried to steal one of our school student chromebook and our student name is Bobby john. There was 2 teacher girl heros there acter was Mature super heros They tried but lost the fight!

Bear baxendine tied the amature super heros up to the pole! They said to bear baxendine he won’t get away with this but he didn't believe them. He was not expecting the rest of the heros to go after him and get the chromebook! While he was resting on the bin the rest of the teacher avengers came Mr Somerville was team leader of America, Mr Godwin was batman and Mrs Lavakula was Wonder woman.

They had competed towards bear baxendine. They had smashed bear Baxendine and saved the chromebook. So the next day bobby john had his chromebook to do his school work.