Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Holiday Writing

Here is my writing and I am telling what one thing that I have done in the holiday.

I am going to tell you what I did during the school holidays. We went to mangere pools. I went with my friends Paige, Sheales, Aliah and Paige's mum.  

I was about to go to the library but my niece walked out and she saw paige. Then she called me and I was so excited I  ran really fast then I almost tripped. And we went to Paige house and put our bags in the car. Paige asked her mum” If we can go pick Sheales up.” Paige mum Hannah said” run fast.”  So we ran to her house. We were calling her and calling her then her mum came out and said she was doing her hair then we said hurry up we already ran and left her. But she catched up.

We went  to paige's Nans house and waited there for a while. Then we went to Mangere pools. The outdoors were closed because it is atum. So we went indoors.
We had races, tigy and we did tricks. Then Paige cousin saw her family and went for a feed so me, Paige and Sheales was OTL. So we got really hungry we went outside and ate.

Then we went to go pick up Paige dad and went to Paige house and had a sleepover and we went on mine craft the next day and waited for Paige mum to come back from her walk. When she got back we went to gleninnes
pools. After that we went McDonald's and then we got
dropped off. 


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Learning how to upload a video on to my drive

With Mrs Jacobsen and Mr Baxendine I have been learning how to upload a video to my drive with an ipad. We then learned how to put it on our blog.