Friday, 17 October 2014

This is my holiday writing

What did you do in the holidays?
Well in the holiday’s I went to Rainbow’s End with my family.
I went on the stratos fear i was scared that was the last ride I  want to go on. Then i got use to it i have been on all the rides but it has changed

Me and all my family went to visit my aunty Sharon. Than 2 of my sisters  stay over the night  they were Mary and Maria then we had to go visit my nana Her name is Maria as well as my sister. my nana gave me $5 dollars we came to Glen Innes and went to Pak'nSave and we watched movies.

On the second week of the holiday’s we all had to go to my cousin birthday and her name is Sarah she is turning 8 years old. We went to chipmunks in pakuranga. We eat lots of yummy food it was junk food then we just had fun playing tiggy.

I felt happy because I have spent lot’s of time with my family.

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