Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My game animation

Are you bored of having a boring wet lunch time?
Well Ghost vs Human is a game that will help.           

We have been learning how to create a game of our own. I have been practising on Hyperstudio and this is my game animation. I would like to become a person who invents games so this was great task for me.

The game I really want to invent is Ghost vs Human. It is about a the ghost who takes
Josey’s sister away and Josey chases the ghost to get her sister back.

Josey follows the ghost through a park. When you push the space button she jumps over the blocks in her way. The ghost in front of her is trying to collect the coins so
he can get more power. Josey is ready and kicks him from behind with the control A button. The Ghost loses a life and Josey gets the coin. The ghost then he has only half of his power.

Thunder and lightning strikes! As the ghost goes over the crossing a car comes and runs him over. He also gets struck by lighting. So he has no lives left and Josey has won.

Her sister is returned to her and they live happily ever after.  

I’ve hoped you have had fun hearing about my game. Please leave a comment. Thanks!!



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