Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The plane crash.

In our class we have been writing a fake story and thinking what if we were in there and this is my story. Hope You Enjoy.

Have you ever saw a plane come out of no where and destroy your home?
Well I have seen a plane come out of no where I will tell you all about it.

While I was going down to town and suddenly loudly came a plane and a lot of people screaming and running. They were warning people to run. before they get CRASHED.Then I started running towards the trees and I felt safe.

When I was standing there I saw all the other people risking their life and
I had thought I should go and help them so I started pulling one by one.
When I pulled one of the people they were madly and he  just wanted to die.
I was trying to politely trying to tell them to help all the other people. Only
one person disagreed so I said you're in or you're out. Then he just followed through.

We all done our best but we lost quite a lot of people but we will remember them
THE END.        

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