Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Best Birthday ever

Here is my Recount writing.

My Best birthday was when I was 7 I went to Rainbows with My sisters and aunty.
That was the first time I been there. The first ride i went on was the Inventor.
My sister Mary was to scared she thought that it might break down and were on the top
And i said  I doubt that will happen. When I Had my confidence but when it was about to start I lost it but i still stayed on the ride. I really liked it.

The second ride I went on was the Fear Fore that was really scary
I wasn’t sure if  i wanted to but when my sister Breanna said she
was going on that ride then I went on. I thought I could see my
car but it wasn’t it just looked like my car. When i went on I was panicking
I did not know when we will drop. We dropped and I got scared I
know that we will drop soon.

I felt so happy  and my favorite ride was the Invator.



  1. mean that preety cool i went on the fear fall when i was 5 or 4 with my brother he screamed like a little girl

    Ps like a BOSS!!!!

  2. You were not allowed you have to be the right size