Thursday, 15 September 2016

Narrative Writing

Have you guys ever been Camping for a week?

On  A sunny day we went camping for my Mother's Day.
While we were in our heating car we were looking for a good place to camp.

When we had found a camping spot for us to camp.
It was getting dark so we made fire. We had dinner and went and set our tents up.

The next day we decided to go for a bush walk.
We got a bit lost. We went through a straight walkway
But when we were trying to find our way back to the campsite we were going through zig zag
Walkways. I thought it was weird so I told dad “ We had gone through straight walkways.”

He said “ I think we went through the wrong path.”

My little brother saw a tent but he thought someone else lived there. He said ask them if they know where to go to get to vanau. But we were calling out and my brother said “ It looks exactly like our camp site.”

I said to him “ It is our campsite then we had packed all our gears and driven home.

WALT: write a narrative by looking at a picture and writing our own story.

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