Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Hiwi The Kiwi

Have you guys ever been fishing? I haven’t it is my first time i'm a bit frightened.  Well my family decided to go fishing on a saturday afternoon I was trying to deny going but I would of been a spoiler so I went.

On our way to Mission bay beach I was thinking what wouuld it be like would the fish jump on the boat and bite,  a shark bump the boat and we all fall I had no idea what it was going to be like. When I was going on to the boat it was wiggling because of the waves and I thought it was a fish so I jumped back onto surf.

I got on the boat at we went out of shore and we caught quite a lot of fish. My dad had got a really big fish. He said “ this is what we call fishing”. I had remembered that Hiwi the kiwi came to Pt england school and said “ if you get a big fish it could have a baby” he said “ that could be true so he safely put it back in the ocean”. I also said to him “ Wash it in Sea Water”. He said “ how do you know all of these stuff you have never been fishing” I said Hiwi the Kiwi came to our school” He said “ they have taught you right.  

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