Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pt England school atheltics


Have you heard of athletics?
On Friday the 14th of november 2014 pt england school had athletics.
We all gathered on the hard court. We were walking to the hard
courts I could feel my heart beating. Mr Burt had to say the Karakia. We all
had to hope that it will not rain. I could not wait for it to start.

The first thing year 4 girls done was sprinting. When we were in line i could feel my heart pounding. Then Mr Burt said “Ready, Set, Go” then we all started to run our fastest.I was scared i would come last but i didn’t I came 1st In the first round with the people i was versing. Then the 2nd round i came 4th.It doesn't matter if you come last as long as you tried. I thought it was amazing.

We jogged over to our next activity discus with Mr S.
I always threw the discus out of the line. We all had a couple of turns.
The top three were Annelis, Mystik and Paige. They worked very great they had done their best and amed where they were throwing it i think i came last at that one. Discus was boring i really didn’t enjoy it much!.

Have you heard of Javelin? Well That is what year 4 girls went over to.
We did it with one of our teachers in the school Mr Barks on the Reserve.
I was the first person to do it i came 1st then someone took my spot.
We all only got one turn. Then Leson banged her head with the Javelin.

We had Morning tea. But we were not allowed to touch the gears or we will get
in trouble we all played games at morning tea. Then we all gathered back to the netball courts. Mrs Vaasuanga released us Back to our activity We went to sac rase. we went in house colours i was in Takitimu. I think Matatua won that activity.

Then we all left to class and we took a photo.

The best activity i have done in athletic was sprinting because it was fun. All of it was kind of fun but sprinting is my favorite.   

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