Thursday, 27 November 2014

Auckland Art Gallery

Here is my writing that i have done for you to read.

Have you been to the art gallery?

On Friday the 21st of november Mrs Lavakula class, Mrs Ouano’s class and Mrs Jacobson class went to the art gallery. We had some helpers and there name are Whaea Saf, John, Alfa and Mrs Tepania. We traveled to the Auckland Art Gallery we went on a bus.

As soon as we got to the Auckland  Art gallery we had to wait outside for a while.  
We saw a security guard guarding the Auckland Art Gallery.
As we were waiting we were playing games lot’s of games.
Then a lady name Mandy she came out and told us to talk a bit quiet so they can
sort out where are we going first. They sort it out. Group one went with Maddie.
We went to a room with a jar on the table ready to start to cut the jar out as soon as we finish we had to listen to the next instruction that was draw something that you have done. I drew my brother Mokai wedding and you can not draw word’s i accidentally drew word’s. then we had to go.

We went to the bathroom and to the feltin next to the bathroom then we had morning tea and had a little play. After that we went back to the entering.
Then we went in again and my group went to walk around talking about the art then we went to the lego and i tried to build a building in the city. but i kind of looked like it but i didn't. It looked okay.

Then we went to the learning center it was fun.
We all danced and it was fun then we looked through the 3D and the Magnifying glass. and we did puppet and then we left to go for lunch we went up the stairs outside to have lunch.

Then we went back in and we went with a lady and we had to find a picture. And then we found it and we talked about it. The picture was about a man with a mushroom on his head and in a cave with a old lady and a man that looks like he likes the girl that is talking to the old lady.

The favorite thing i did was draw in the jar it was lot’s of fun.  

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