Wednesday, 4 June 2014


For the last 4 weeks class 9 played badminton at 9.40am

When class 9 went to the hall we had to sit down and listen to Danny,
he was nice to us.He gave us a racquet and  shuttle each.

We had to hit the shuttle with the racquet over the net and my buddy was Jasmyne Hopper she was on the other side of the net and we hit the shuttle to each other, it was time swope over time so we had to go and hit it back and run to the back of the line.

when we did badminton i felt happy because I learned how to play
badminton i have never played that before. I have really enjoyed  hitting the shuttle over the net to Jasmyne.I hope i can do better hitting the shuttle to Jasmyne properly.I wish we still have badminton because it was cool.I hope we can play badminton next year with Danny.I hope it will be Danny because he was fun and loyal just like my Teacher  miss Lavakula.



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