Friday, 1 April 2016

Hook Camp

Room 6 literacy class assignment for this week was to go on other people blogs and comment on their camp story. The first persons blog I want on was Deavay. I like that he gave lots of details. then I thought this story was intresting. It was something that hooked me on reading it all the time. The second persons blog I had read was Justice. I like that he tried his best at his spelling but didn't do well.  The 3rd persons blog I commented on was Charles I like that Charles told what hook he was going to use and it was a Question.
The 4th persons blog I commented on was Tom.

Deavay 1st Justice 2nd Charles 3rd Tom 4th Josh 5th

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  1. Hi Stacy I like your Writing and it is amazing too
    I love it and it is cool and a Superstar