Thursday, 18 September 2014

On the 11th of september we had cross country for the whole school. I ran with the year 4 girls. While we were walking to the starting line,I could feel my heart pounding. When Mr Burt said “Ready, set, go!!!,We all started to jog  pass all the cones passing the goal post and the teachers that were the marshalls. But the year 4 girls only went half way.The house colors are Takitimu (Yellow) Tearwa (Red) Tinui (Blue) and mataatua(green).

I could hear the adult’s cheering for their kid’s.
Some of the kids said “Hi” back. Then we saw the finish line from a far distance we all started to sprint but i did not because i will get exorcised.
then we got to the finish line but the 1st girl was Faiso then 2nd Annelis then Penny and then Angel.

Then we watched the year 4 boy’s run around the field they ran the same way as the year 4 girls then we all started to talk what we came but the 1st boy Job 2nd boy was Simon 3rd boy was Russell.      


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