Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Holiday Righting

Did you have an incredible and amazing holiday? Our school finished on friday the 4th of july for a term break. ”I can not wait for school to finish!” i would not have to wake up early for school and i could sleep in. me and my family did lots of stuff in the holidays how about i tell you all about what i did with my family. On the first week of the holidays we went to buy a new computer. i bought my computer from a garage sale. my mum has to do some work stuff and when we are allowed to go on me and my sisters go on. It was raining and windy on the way to buy our computer. it was so cold that me and my sisters wanted to stay in the car but we had to go and pick what computer we wanted. My brother Mokai came to my house and brought a desk. it was made of glass we are not allowed to lean on it or we will break and then the computer will fall and the computer will break. There was a storm me and my sister Mary,Breanna,Roseanne, Maria and my mum and dad we stayed home and watched movies on the computer. The movies we watched were smurfs two, the amazing Spider man and 16 wishes then we got tired and went to sleep and woke up and watched tv. i hope that me and my family can go to america next time but this holidays were alright. I felt happy than i could ever be. i can not wait for the next holiday though.

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